5 Essentials every corporate film needs

 After writing the title I'm tempted to write story, story, story... well you get my point. I can't over emphasis how important story is. The challenge is not to make a commercial but to tell your story. It's your story that will help people to engage with you, your company, your values. Whatever it is the video is for it has to contain a story. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece but it does need to be honest and open. So obviously we are putting first on our list

  1. Story

  2. Good visuals

  3. Professional sound

  4. Correct aspect ratio

  5. Call to Actions

  Now lets get to the rest of the items on the list, and these next four are quite practical. Second we have good visuals, this is imperative if you want to give off a professional representation of yourself. What we see on screen needs to have smooth motion and be in focus. It is very distracting if what you see on screen is not in focus or is shaky, a viewer will click away in a heartbeat if the visuals are not comfortable to watch.


 Equally so for third on the list Professional Sound. It could be argued that great sound is more important than good visuals. You will not listen to bad audio for too long before turning it off. The sound in your film needs to recorded, and processed to suit whichever medium the film will ultimately be shown on. But never think that because your film might only be seen on the internet or social media platforms that good sound is not important, it's a must.

 Forth on our list is a correct aspect ratio, it sounds boring and it kinda is except to a few geeks like me. However having the correct aspect ratio is very important in today's world as video is consumed on many different platforms. Instagram, TikTok and Facebook all show video differently. Vertically, horizontally, square to name a few, it's super important that your film or video is displayed correctly on each different platform.

 Finally to the last on our list, Call to Actions. You have gone through the trouble to create your film, you've made sure you are telling your story with your own authentic voice with great visuals, professional sound in the correct aspect ratio. Well now it's time to ask your viewer to do something, maybe it's check out your website or follow your social channels but its now you put in a call to action. If your content has engaged your viewer they will be happy to follow your call to action.